Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proof We Need the Regulative Principle of Worship



  1. When he started singing, "You spin me right-round, Jesus, right-round/like a record, Jesus, right-round, round-round," I lost it.

    Oh my dear God, the only thing that is missing is a twist on Avril Lavign: "Why'd God have to go and make things so complicated/I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else/Gets me frustrated"

    The world is ending. Screw my amillenial tendencies, THAT has got to be the official start to the apocalypse.

  2. Adam,

    As I sense the sarcasm in you comment, I agree with the point you are making. This video is REALLY BAD. I feel dirty just watching it.

    Does anyone know if this is a concert or a "worship service"?

  3. 1) The link this comes from says that this guy claims to have gotten some of his songs from the angel of Zechariah. If this video is anything to go by, the angels have seriously lost a lot of taste and class since the good old days of horsemen and flying scrolls.
    2) You know things are bad when something defies parody. I mean, if I wanted to make a video spoof of this, it would just be a replay of the actual video.

  4. Re: Proof. Great to hear. Love your title, "Bring the Books..".

    I recommend to everyone, find Steven J. Lawson's famous sermon,
    Bring the Book, from Neh. 8. And Paris Reidhead, "Ten Shekels and a shirt"

    Re: "Screw...". PLEASE, guys, for some of us over forties, that still has some naughty connotations. I know we're weaker, but give it some thought.. please."

  5. Jack Black has really fallen off since School of Rock. I guess Kung Fu Panda didn't do as well as I thought.

  6. I wonder if afterwards, he miraculously healed everyone of athlete's foot.


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