Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scientology Update: Anonymous Becoming Less Anonymous?

The LA Times is reporting that the hackers who posted the Youtube video under the name "Anonymous" have started physically appearing and protesting in major cities while wearing Guy Fawkes masks (a la V for Vendetta). Very nice. So they're still sort of anonymous. But we all know who'd have a lawyer at their front door the minute they took their masks off; don't we? You might remember this video from when we posted a link to it about a month or so ago.

The story is here.

The interesting thing is, these hackers actually seem to have a very easily accomplished plan. They are protesting and picketing for an examination of the circumstances under which Scientology actually gained tax-exempt religious status. Anonymous claim that Scientology is a business, not a religion and are making what is, in my opinion, a strong case. It seems clear that their plan is to get Scientology's tax-exempt status revoked. This wouldn't topple Scientology, but it would be one brick out of Scientology's financial foundation.

Another interesting site for discussions by former members of Scientology is found here, at

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