Sunday, February 24, 2008


This news story is heartbreaking. I think it emphasizes the gravity of abortion. Many today treat abortion as a common, unpleasant, but sometimes necessary thing. Consideration for the long-term effects on the woman having the abortion often goes on the back burner. Also, although this woman made the decision to have the abortion, I still hope her "boyfriend" feels terrible.

[Also, a side note: I live in Kansas, and was traveling through a nearby town when I saw a sign which, even as an ardent pro-lifer, made me angry. The sign read in big black letters: My Mommy Had An Abortion. It was accompanied by an illustrated picture of a baby chopped up into little pieces with blood everywhere. Seriously, what am I supposed to tell my 2 year old when she asks me what that picture means? I think there is something to be said for tact and self-control when it comes to arguing for one's position. We don't have to reduce ourselves to the level of the barbaric baby-killers in order to change the minds of others. In my own opinion, signs like the one I just referred to do greater harm to the pro-life position, since they insult the intelligence of their audience, assuming that they will only be moved by brute, offensive images and not by rational discourse and argument.]

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  1. Adam,

    I agree completely about the signs. Last year a group of protesters were in Jackson and they set up right across from a restaurant I was eating at. It was so difficult to eat dinner with those graphic images outside the window.


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