Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Rare Endorsement from G.K. Beale

Unlike J.I. Packer, who is known for his ubiquitous endorsements, Greg Beale is something of an endorsement recluse. According to the fellows at Westminster, he has only ever endorsed five books that they know of. A new volume defending the amillennial approach to eschatology has recently received a glowing endorsement from Beale. Beale calls the book
a substantial work on the viability of the Amillennial perspective on eschatology, including that of the Book of Revelation. While one may not agree with all that he says on this subject, the upshot of the book as a whole is a solid argument in favor of Amillennialism. His dialogue partners are Premillennial interpreters, whom he finds fall short in presenting a per- suasive case for their view. Storms presents, in my own view, a very attractive way of understanding the millennial passage of Revelation 20:1-10, but his discussion of many other passages throughout the Bible also are adduced in an insightful way to support his view. He posits the surely correct hermeneutical approach that the rest of the Bible (e.g., Paul’s epistles) should be understood as the main interpretative lens for eschatology and not any particular interpretation of Revelation 20, which too many have let control their understanding of eschatology elsewhere throughout the Bible. Among the discussions that I found particularly helpful was his study of the seventy weeks of Daniel 9. Even those who may disagree with Storms’ Amillennial approach will definitely benefit from his book.
Learn more about the book over at Westminster, where they are currently selling a healthy hardback version for 50% off.

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