Thursday, November 15, 2012

Westminster Standards eBook

One of our readers has just finished working on an edition of the Westminster Standards in Amazon Kindle format.  While there are many copies of the Standards available for the Kindle, this version stands out because of several included documents:
  • The Confession of Faith
  • The Shorter Catechism
  • The Larger Catechism
  • The Psalms of David in Metre
  • To the Christian Reader, Especially Heads of Families
  • Mr Manton's Epistle to the Reader
  • Sum of Saving Knowledge
  • National Covenant
  • Solemn League and Covenant
  • Directory for the Publick Worship of God
  • Directory for Family-Worship
  • Form of Presbyterial Church-Government
There are three primary features which make this version superior:
  1. As you can see, this isn't just the Confession and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.  It also includes a variety of other documents either relevant to or also produced by the Assembly.
  2. The book comes with an initial table of contents that takes the reader to any of the above listed documents.  Within each document is its own relevant Table of Contents. So if you go to the Confession, you get a listing of chapters to navigate to.
  3. The most important feature is that the Standards all come with the Assembly's scripture proofs in hyperlinked format. They don't interfere with your reading, but if you want the proofs, you need only click on the footnote to be taken to them, typed out in the King James text.
All that to say, this is the best version of the Westminster Standards available so far in Kindle format. There are many copies of this document available, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It isn't free, but it is worth it.  You can find it here.

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