Friday, September 14, 2012

eBook Special: Bruce on the Lord's Supper

Carl Trueman has already shared this, but since our readers find it relevant I thought I'd pass this along.  Robert Bruce (the successor of John Knox) preached a series of sermons on the Lord's Supper in 1589, and Christian Focus' republication of those sermons has been out of print for awhile.  I had the privilege of putting together the eBook of these sermons for them, and now Christian Focus has made this out-of-print book available in Kindle format.  For the next two weeks it's being sold at a special reduced price.

I can't recommend a book more highly.  These sermons on the Lord's Supper are well worth your time.  According to Trueman, they are "some of the most helpful ever preached on the topic."  You can get the book here.


  1. Adam, I found a couple of mistakes in this book and was wondering how the best way to get them corrected would be. Usually left-over hyphenation marks or hyphens used for em-dashes, but the worst is that it appears a sans-serif font was declared in the html. This means that on the Kindle Paperwhite, instead of my preferred font I see a sans-serif font and the kindle's settings cannot override the book's settings.

  2. Re: the Sans Serif font, I'm not sure. This was created for the current (current at the time it was made anyway) Kindle and wasn't tested on any Kindle that could change the font. I have gotten a few eBooks where the publishers created it in a specific font that I couldn't stand but I was unable to change it (Reformation Trust tends to do that). It looks great on my Kindle, but then again mine doesn't give a wide selection of fonts to choose from.

    Regarding the hyphens, I know why that happened, but nobody would be charmed to see me explain it. Needless to say, Christian Focus did not have the book in its raw text format and it had to be reformatted by hand, line by line. I thought I caught everything, but I must not have.

  3. Shadow, are you the same one who commented over at Amazon? If so, I have a follow-up question.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. No I am not but I did see that review and would like to help. I am the same one who posted on your Google+ page however. If you'd like to contact me, my email is
      west DOT logan AT google's email

      (edited because of formatting)


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