Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thanks for the clicks!

I just want to thank our readers for their clicks to the Westminster Bookstore. As you may know, when you follow our links to WTS Books, we get a small amount of credit each time. What you see above just came in the mail a matter of minutes ago. They are for my Fall seminary classes at RTS Jackson. These aren't all of the books that I need for all of my classes, but they are the books that you - our readers purchased.

One of the most exciting books, for me, is Michael Kruger's Canon Revisited. I had wanted to read it for my own edification, but now I will be reading it for Doctrine of Scripture class. I'm glad that an important work like this has been integrated into our curriculum here at RTS. We will also be reading Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum's Kingdom Through Covenant as well as Meredith Kline's The Structure of Biblical Authority for Introduction to Biblical Theology. All in all I couldn't be more thrilled about the Fall classes or more thankful to our readers.


  1. Adam

    Will you give your take on each book? I certainly hope so!

    Jeff Waddington

  2. I'll comment on any books I feel competent to speak to. So that's a qualified yes. One thing I have already gathered is that Gentry/Wellum's Kingdom Through Covenants is basically Meredith Kline for Baptists. There is a huge emphasis on Kline in this book, and the index alone bears that out, I think.


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