Tuesday, May 22, 2012

72 Hour Sale: Last Book of the Series

Some of you may be interested in this.  IVP has been working on this old testament series for quite a few years, and the last volume is now complete.  I wanted to bring to your attention that this last volume is on sale for a limited time for 50% off, but the sale only lasts 72 hours.  These are somewhat pricy volumes when they aren't on sale, so I would recommend striking while the iron is hot.  Also, if you buy two or more copies, the discount is actually 60% off.

Tremper Longman III says that "all the articles give an up-to-date description of the state of the art on a particular topic... I highly recommend this volume for all students of the Bible, in particular students, clergy and scholars."  Others have also commented on the up-to-date nature of these books - from an evangelical perspective.  You can get the book (and find other volumes from the rest of the series) at Westminster Books.

It's also worth noting that you can buy the complete OT set and the complete NT set right now for 50% off as well.

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