Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Jesus Runs the Church, 50% Off

How Jesus Runs the Church by Guy Waters is on sale right now at Westminster Books for 50% off. As somebody who bought the book for almost $15 and who has given the book away here on the blog, you all must know that we're big fans of this book, and especially at this price right now.

In the book, Guy Waters clearly and cogently defends the Reformed/Presbyterian understanding of church government. This is a good book for those who are Presbyterian but don't really know how their church government works or how it is taught in scripture. It is also for those who are evangelical by default but haven't had much exposure to discussion of church government. This was me up until a couple of years ago; back then ecclesiology was at the bottom of my list of theological priorities. Carl Trueman's recommendation of the book is even broader. He says it is for "any believer who wants to grasp what it means to be a member of Christ's church on earth." Highly recommended. And you won't find it at a better price. The sale ends April 17th.


  1. Jason,

    Thanks for the heads-up, the link is now working.

  2. Besides teaching many good things about ecclesiology, this book also teaches us that P&R needs a new book cover designer, badly.

  3. well the first link is working but the 2nd isn't... but thanks for pointing this book out... I listened to the ReformedForum on is and it peaked my interest (even as a committed Baptist)

  4. Jason,

    Both links are now working. Thanks.


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