Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New 'Five Views' Book

There is a new 'Five Views' book which came out less than a month ago. I only just found out about it, but I must say it seems like the most important of all of the 'views' books that have ever been released. I'll list the contributors, and you can try and guess the specific subject this new book is tackling.
  • Traditional Reformed (Michael S. Horton)
  • Progressive Reformed (Michael F. Bird)
  • New Perspective (James D. G. Dunn)
  • Deification, or Theosis (Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen)
  • Roman Catholic (Gerald O’Collins and Oliver Rafferty)


  1. What is "Progressive Reformed"? I could look up the contributor and figure it out.


  2. No idea. I'm ordering the book though, so maybe I'll find out.

  3. Adam and Ben,

    Progressive Reformed is a mix between NT Wright and someone like Dick Gaffin. You can read Michael Bird's article on justification in the latest JETS.

  4. Yep...there ya go. Whether or not you buy it, well, that's another story.


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