Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The (Wo)Men Without Chests

You can read the original story here. What interests me is the practical appearance of what C.S. Lewis predicted as the rise of "men without chests." What Lewis meant by this term was human beings who did not only deny the Natural Law in practice (everyone does that) but also in principle. Denying the reality of the Natural Law, human beings will still be expected to obey right and wrong, yet without the internal motive or drive to do so.

Look at the criminal in this case, Teonna Brown:
"I’m sorry. My mother did not raise me like this. I would really like to apologize to the victim, Miss Chrissy Polis."
It is doubtlessly the most heartfelt, passionate apology given since Nixon was impeached. Look at the victim's response to this obviously forced apology:
"I felt like I was going to die that day...I continue to suffer seizures, bouts of crying, mental anguish and anxiety. I fear being alone. I have flashbacks about the attacks. I do not forgive them for what they did to me."
One can hardly blame Ms. Polis for her unwillingness to forgive. It is difficult enough to accept a heartfelt apology in a case like this, let alone an apology that was likely composed by an accountant during his lunch break. However, when we consider that Ms. Brown seems not to really believe an apology is called for, and when we consider Ms. Polis' unforgiving approach to the entire situation, it is hard to imagine that this conflict is not a microcosm of what Western Civilization is coming to. Two parties who believe in their own rights, but not in either the virtue of a true apology, nor in the virtue of forgiving one's enemies.

I know that it is a cliche to deride the immorality of Western Culture, and so having said my piece I will now slink back into the cave.

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  1. To further bolster the death of "Natural Law" read this story in the Atlanta JC.



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