Monday, December 13, 2010

Joel Beeke's Living for God's Glory Free Today on Kindle

Joel Beeke's book Living for God's Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism is available today for free download on the Amazon Kindle, for today only. From the book's summary:
The theological system known as Calvinism is often caricatured or simply dismissed as a relic of the past. But as Dr. Joel R. Beeke shows us in this comprehensive treatment, Calvinism, also known as Reformed theology, is biblical, God-centered, heartfelt, winsome, and practical. As such, it is uniquely suited to help Christians fulfill the purpose for which they were created-to live to the glory of God.

With the gifted help of eight contributors, Dr. Beeke traces the roots of Calvinism and sets forth its doctrinal distinctives, then explores how Calvinists live out their beliefs in every sphere of life, from their private devotions to their service in the church, from their marriages to their careers, from politics to ethics. Through the examples of John Calvin himself, the Puritans, and other Calvinists of the past, this God-exalting belief system emerges as a timeless guide for Christian living.

The book's contributors: Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, Dr. James M Grier, Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin, Dr. Nelson D. Kloosterman, Rev. Ray b. Lanning, Dr. Robert W. Oliver, Ray Pennings, and Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas
This is a pretty substantial volume, weighing in at over 400 pages in the print edition. As a matter of fact, I just saw someone bring this book to our church's mens' theology night, and I immediately felt something akin to joy when I saw that Reformation Trust had made it available for free, today.

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