Monday, September 6, 2010

The Self-Deceived Passive Pagan

In his book A Christian's Reasonable Service, Dutch theologian Wilhelmus a'Brakel has a section titled "Various Forms of Self-Deceit Identified and False Foundations Exposed." Of particular note to me was the first group of self-deceived individuals which a'Brakel addresses himself to, because I believe it reflects the majority of people living in Western society today:
there are people who neither have knowledge, nor desire, nor do they meditate upon or have discussions about God, heaven, hell, the soul, the covenant, the Mediator, faith, or conversion. Their thoughts do not transcend this earth and do not penetrate beyond that which is visible; of invisible things they cannot speak a word. Is the soul immortal? Is there a heaven and a hell? This they will discover after their death; in the meantime they passively wait for where God will send them. They leave the matter to God, as it is not for them to search this out. They who have the privilege to go to heaven will then be well off; the others necessarily entertain a good hope about themselves. What fools you are!

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