Monday, May 24, 2010

Nike, Soccer, and Calvin

I'm reminded of Francis Chan's talk at Passion '07 where he recalled that, while attending a Laker's game he thought how sad it was that this was probably the loudest place on this planet. An arena full of people worshipping at the altar of a game. If only we as Christians could be as enthusiastic in our pursuit of God as the rest of the world is in chasing its idols, which are made with human hands, and which Isaiah tells us are "nothing."

"… [A]n idol can be either a construct of the human mind that reduces the majesty of God and his ways of revelation to a mere shadow, or it can be a physical, palpable construction of the human hand that itself becomes an object of that worship and honor due to God alone. The one is a defect of the truth; the other, an exaggerated imitation of it. Both are false…" -Calvin

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