Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Tribute to Josh Walker

Mr. Walker, our distinguished and erudite blogger, is going to be turning 85 on Tuesday. Born in 1924 to immigrant parents, Josh traveled the world, eventually discovering the fountain of youth after studying the handwritten journals of Francisco DeAntonia (which he stole from a safety deposit box in Zurich). After his adventures in South America, Josh settled into the common life of an elderly man who appears to be only in his late twenties. Having lived through the Great Depression, World War II (where he fought as a fighter pilot), the Vietnam War, and the Death of God movement in the '60s, Josh says he is no longer afraid of anything except sock puppets, crab bisque, preachers in cardigans, and those who deny penal substitutionary atonement. When asked what he still wants to accomplish in life, Josh just sips his warm milk, looks out the window fondly and smiling says, "I just want to write a book where I destroy all heresy."

Josh's 85th birthday is also a great opportunity for me to plug his Amazon wishlist. Ironically, most of our readers are probably poor ministers/students, but it's worth a shot! If anyone buys Josh a copy of A History of Ancient Greek: From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity, I will send you a free T-shirt, straight out of my own closet as a thank you gift. You will receive a lower quality gift as thanks for the higher quality gift.

And if you plan on being at ETS, you can even present your gift to him when he delivers his paper on the authorship of Hebrews on Thursday. I hate to be the kind to spoil Josh's conclusion, but a little bird told me that in his paper Josh concludes that Hebrews was written by Brian Setzer. Stop listening to Stray Cats while working on your paper, Josh!


  1. Adam,

    Thank you very much for this post. It made me laugh more than once. It is a great birthday gift. And for those who do not know, or who could not tell by Adam's satire, Nov. 17th is my 29th birthday. I just wanted to set the record straight (as if everything else he wrote was true).

  2. Don't listen to Josh. None of it was satire.

  3. That's one of my favorite pictures. It just so happened that my mother-in-law was driving into that parking lot at that moment (as soon as the book began to burn). That was her very first trip to our new home to see how her baby girl was getting along being newly married (and newly Presbyterian).

    Ahh.... the good ole days.

    Happy birthday, buddy!

  4. You are one bad mamma jamma. Happy belated b-day buddy!


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