Sunday, September 27, 2009

God is Not Irrelevent

Jason Stellman, in his new book:
As the saints leave their houses each and every Lord's Day morning and assemble with the rest of God's people, both on earth and in heaven, they are making a much louder statement to the world than a fish emblem on their bumpers ever will (even one that is swallowing the Darwin fish with legs). Our goal, then, must be the exact opposite of what many churches -- both evangelical and liberal -- are attempting to do: "The [church's] theological task is not merely the interpretive matter of translating Jesus into modern categories but rather to translate the world to him. The theologian's job is not to make the gospel credible to the modern world, but to make the modern world credible to the gospel. And that's new."

Could it be, therefore, that when the faithfully-preached gospel of our dying and rising God seems irrelevant to modern man, it is man, and not God, who is irrelevant?

HT: Chris Larson

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