Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My 2 Year Old And Original Sin

Here it is, folks: original sin demonstrated in a 2 year old:

My wife was sitting on the bed folding clothes when she looked down to see our 2 year old daughter kicking the cat and stepping on its stomach, all the while yelling abuse such as, "You get out, kitty!" "Kitty, no!" and the ever classic, "You go away, cat!" My wife said, "Genesis, why are you doing that?" and our daughter responded, "Because I'm mean to her."

There you go. Case closed, children don't have to learn evil. They just do it.


  1. My daughter was only 6 months of age when we first NOTICED a blatant, intentional act of sin.

    We had told her to do something and she glared back at me with a defiant look and then intentionally did the opposite.

    However, she is baptized now, so all that is taken care of now....

    I ONLY WISH!! :)

  2. "However, she is baptized now, so all that is taken care of now...."

    Best quote ever!


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