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Completed Index of Free eBooks

In honor of the fact that this is our 1001st blog post, I thought I'd give our readers a real treat.

If you've been reading Bring the Books for more than a year, chances are you started out reading us for the free kindle books, for the Puritans, or just to find good deals on books in general.  After all these years of creating free books and also just finding amazing deals on Amazon to share with all of you, I thought it was time to sum up all that we have seen, heard, and learned.  What follows is an exhaustive list to all of the books that I have ever created and distributed for free here at Bring the Books.  They were once scattered to the four corners, but now they dwell together, here at one convenient blog post.  So here they are, alphabetized by author's last name.  As more are added, the list will grow.

Ames, William The Marrow of Sacred Divinity
Anselm, St. Cur Deus Homo
Athanasius The Incarnation of the Word of God
Augustine, St. The Confessions

Bavinck, Herman The Certainty of Faith
Baxter, Richard The Reformed Pastor
Boettner, Lorraine The Reformed Faith
Bonar, Andrew Biography of Robert Murray M'Cheyne
Boston, Thomas Humanity's Fourfold State
Boston, Thomas Commentary on the Westminster Shorter Catechism (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)
Boyce, James Petigru Abstract of Systematic Theology *
Bunyan, John The Complete Works (3 Volumes)

Calvin, John Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge Translation) *
Cartwright, Thomas Treatise of the Christian Religion

Dabney, Robert L. Systematic Theology
David Dickson Truth's Victory Over Error
David Dickson The Sum of Saving Knowledge

Goodwin, Thomas Commentary on Ephesians
Gurnall, William The Christian's Complete Armor (3 Vols. Complete)

Hodge, Charles Systematic Theology (All 3 Volumes In One) *

Kuyper, Abraham Lectures on Calvinism

Law, Henry The Gospel in the Pentateuch
Luther, Martin Bondage of the Will
Luther, Martin Commentary on Galatians

Manton, Thomas Sermons
Manton, Thomas A Treatise on Self-Denial
Marshall, Walter The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
Mueller, George Autobiography

Newton, John The Letters of John Newton (*See note*)

Owen, John On the Glory of Christ
Owen, John The Death of Death in the Death of Christ

Paton, John G. Autobiography
Perkins, William A Golden Chain
Perkins, William Cases of Conscience
Perkins, William God's Free Grace and Man's Free Will
Perkins, William Hebrews 11 Commentary
Perkins, William Knowing Christ Crucified
Perkins, William Of Man's Imaginations
Perkins, William On Predestination
Perkins, William Salve for a Sick Man
Perkins, William Six Principles
Perkins, William The Art of Prophecying
Perkins, William Witchcraft
Pink, A.W. The Sovereignty of God

Ridderbos, Herman Studies in Scripture & Its Authority
Rutherford, Samuel The Covenant of Life Opened
Rutherford, Samuel Lex Rex
Rutherford, Samuel The Letters of Samuel Rutherford

Shedd, W.G.T. 20 Sermons to the Natural Man
Sibbes, Richard A Breathing After God
Sibbes, Richard The Bruised Reed
Sibbes, Richard The Sermons of Richard Sibbes (vol. 7 of his Works)
Spurgeon, Charles Sermons on Proverbs
Spurgeon, Charles Commentary on Matthew
Sundry Ministers The Divine Right of Church Government

Taylor, Hudson Autobiography
Turretin, Francis The Scriptures *

Ursinus, Zacharias Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism (*See Note*)
Usher, James Body of Divinity

Watson, Thomas The Beatitudes
Watson, Thomas Body of Practical Divinity
Watson, Thomas The Doctrine of Repentance
Watson, Thomas The Mischief of Sin
Watson, Thomas Puritan Gems
Watson, Thomas The Saint's Spiritual Delight
Wilberforce, William Practical Christianity

Zanchi, Jerome Confession of the Christian Religion

The Church Fathers

Ante-Nicene Volume 1
Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, and other Apostolic Fathers

Ante-Nicene Volume 2
Hermas, Tatian, Athenagoras, Theophilus, and Clement of Alexandria

Ante-Nicene Volume 3

Ante-Nicene Volume 5
Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, and Novatian

Ante-Nicene Volume 7
Lactantius, Asterius Urbanus, Victorinus, Dionysius of Rome, and Early Liturgies

Ante-Nicene Volume 10
Deutero-Canonical Gospels, The Epistles of Clement, Origen's Commentary on John

Post-Nicene Volume 1
St. Augustine - Biography by Philip Schaff
The Letters of St. Augustine

Post-Nicene Volume 3
Augustine - Doctrinal Treatises and Moral Treatises

Post-Nicene Volume 4
Augustine - Anti-Manichean and Anti-Donatist Writings

Post-Nicene Volume 5
Augustine - Anti-Pelagian Writings

Post-Nicene Volume 6
Augustine - Sermon on the Mount, Harmony of the Gospels, and Homilies on the Gospels

Post-Nicene Volume 7
Augustine - Homilies on the Gospel of John, Homilies on First John, Soliloquies

Post-Nicene Volume 8
Augustine - Expositions on the Psalms

Post-Nicene Volume 9
John Chrysostom - On the Priesthood, Ascetic Treatises, Select Homilies and Letters

Post-Nicene Volume 10
John Chrysostom - Homilies on the Gospel of Matthew

Post-Nicene Volume 11
John Chrysostom - Homilies on Acts and Romans

Post-Nicene Volume 12
John Chrysostom - Homilies on First Corinthians

Post-Nicene Volume 13
John Chrysostom - Homilies on Gaatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon

Post-Nicene Volume 14
John Chrysostom - Homilies on the Gospel of John and on Hebrews

Post-Nicene Volume 15
Eusebius - Church History, Life of Constantine, and Oration in Praise of Constantine

Post-Nicene Volume 16
Socrates Sozomenus - Church History

Misc. External Links
Free Greek NT for Kindle
Monergism's Free eBooks

In addition to the books that I give away for free here at Bring the Books, I also have a handful of books for sale on Amazon's Kindle Store, a couple of which are actually required reading for some of my seminary classes.

Bridges, Charles The Christian Ministry ($0.99)
Shaw, Robert Exposition of the Westminster Confession ($0.99)
Warfield, B.B. Is Jesus God? ($0.99)

*eBook was created by Zach at The Stranded Scholar, but hosted here at Bring the Books


  1. This is fantastic, thanks a bunch!

  2. Thank you.

    Your readers might be interested in which has links to many, many free ebooks on google books and internet archive.

    I believe that Robert Shaw's exposition of the confession can be found online for free too -

  3. This is a wonderful list/resource! Thank you so much.

  4. this is wonderful, but i'm a newer kindel owner and I need an explanation exactly how to download books off your blog to my Kindel. I have only done it from amazon.
    Could someone please send explanation to Thank you

  5. These classic christian books available for reading is a blessing. May Jesus bless you for your kindness to offer these for reading. Can you email me at and let me know when more free books to download will be available for reading. Thanks for being a blessing. Try Brother Bob's website who I am at preachbrotherbob blogspot which now has been seen in all continents by 300000 people with many puritan writings.

  6. I just introduced this site on Facebook with the following post... I am always interested in the best free books for the Kindle. At one time William Perkins' Cases of Conscience - 1602 was so rare I could only see it by borrowing it on an interlibrary loan from St. Paul. MN. Then I saw a few copies at 125.00 each from the Puritan Reformed Seminary books store. Finally I got a not well photocopied edition for 25.00, still in the old english, from SWRB. Here it is, modern typeset, for free, for kindle. And yet me and maybe one other person on the planet will even care. Probably only Doug Gentry. We are two eccentric mailmen when it comes to old books. T M S =

  7. Thank you very very much! God bless you.

  8. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing these books. To God be the glory.



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