Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wes White Closing Shop - We Found a Silver Lining

Ever the opportunists, when we heard the sad news that Wes White's blog will soon be no more, we swooped right in and started recruiting.  Effective immediately, Andrew Barnes will be joining us as a fellow blogger.  Over the years Andrew has contributed to the larger Reformed conversation through his blogs over at  Now that Wes' fantastic blog is going the way of the buffalo, we are privileged to have him join us here.

Earlier this year when Heartland Presbytery brought me under care, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Andrew, as he is a teaching elder in the same presbytery which oversees my church.  Andrew is a Christian, a husband of Dena, a father of Oliver (3) and Ezekiel (newborn), and has been serving Christ’s Church as the Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri since 2011. He graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and he loves reading the Puritans. Currently, he is preaching through the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John.

So give it up for Andrew.  If we get five comments greeting him, I'll record a video of myself eating a pack of Oreos.  That's what it takes to get five comments around here, if I remember correctly.


  1. Not allowed. Adam, why are posting things when you should be doing Hebrew?

  2. Ben,

    As I read it, the comments need to be "greeting him." Thus, we have zero towards Adam's video.

  3. Andrew, welcome! Adam, pack down on Oreos!

  4. The Kings and Andrew,

    Thank you, good to be here. :)

  5. I see only one (technically two) comments greeting Andrew. Since I'm the one who has to eat these Oreos, I'm playing this one strict. And I'll even allow your own greeting of yourself to stand, Andrew.

  6. Figures the language guy would catch that. Okay then, welcome Andrew!!!

  7. Dear Andrew, welcome! I thought that in order to write for a blog with "books" in the title, you had to read them on occasion. Maybe your withdrawal from Facebook will facilitate that, brother. I hope that your wishlist doesn't "out-boring" the others on the left-hand side of the page. I'm not sure that participating in an effort to compel a man to consume a pack of orders doesn't break the sixth commandment, according to the WLC. Just sayin'. Oh, and you better not waste too much time blogging here!


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