Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Guy Waters Give Away

It's time for another Bring the Books giveaway. This time, there is a theme: the writings of Guy Waters. We will be giving away three prizes:
  • First Prize: How Jesus Runs the Church
  • Second Prize: Federal Vision and Covenant Theology
  • Third Prize: Children and the Lord's Supper (edited by Guy Waters and Ligon Duncan)

To enter, you need only 'Like' Bring the Books on Facebook and then 'Share' our giveaway page with your Facebook friends. Remember: this time around, it is not enough to just like us, but we want you to 'Share' our giveaway post on Facebook as well.

The chance to enter ends on the evening of Wednesday the 22nd of February, so you have two weeks to enter and tell your friends. We'll have the drawing and announce the winners on the morning of Thursday the 23rd.


  1. How will you know who has shared or not?

  2. A good question. We will draw the winner from our list of fans like we did with the last contest. Then we will check their name to make sure they shared it. From our Facebook page we can see everyone who has shared the picture. If they didn't share it, then we'll just draw again.


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