Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Trial of Peter Leithart Now Available as Kindle Book

My special thanks to the Pacific Northwest Presbytery for making the trial documents available for the public. The first thing I did was to set about creating a readable Kindle formatted version of the documents. As a whole, the document is 700+ pages. Those who actually plan to read all of this would have a great deal of eye-strain.

The eBook can be downloaded here.

I included this notice at the beginning of the file:
This Kindle book was created for informational, but not official purposes. Row numberings have been removed from many of the documents included below because of the nature of the Kindle to keep numbers from being scattered throughout the text and to make all of the documents more readable. This makes citing specific passage (especially in the trial transcript) a challenge and is evidence that any official usage of this information ultimately should come from the original court documents. An active table of contents has been added at the beginning so that the documents can be easily navigated. Some of the larger documents have their own sub-tables of contents. This would be especially true of the trial transcript which clocked in at nearly 200+ pages, single-spaced. This eBook is neither officially sanctioned or commissioned by the PNW Presbytery but nevertheless reflects the full content that has been released. The original files which this eBook used as source material can be found at the Pacific Northwest Presbytery's web page,, and more specifically

My thanks to the Pacific Northwest Presbytery for making this information available to the public.

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