Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Christian-Twilight Book Pitch

Since it has been about three years since Twilight fever was in full swing, it seemed like the perfect timing for there to be a 'Christian Twilight'. Since I haven't heard of any projects on the horizon, I thought I would offer my pitch that will bring the millions rolling in. So here it is: Cruciform.
Grace is a simple small-town girl who is misunderstood by her parents, her friends and everyone else around here. You see, she has only recently become a Christian and doesn't feel like anyone really gets her. That is - until Damien arrives. Tall, handsome, and with his hair distinctly pulled up so that he looks taller and sleepier than he really is, Damien is the hottest guy in school.

One day, Damien tells Grace that he is a demon sent from Hell and that his job is to kill Grace because she is a Christian. Having finally set eyes on her, however, he says that he just can't bring himself to do it. After Satan realizes that Damien isn't going to kill Grace, he sends a whole slew of demonic minions to kill her, instead. That is when Damien rises to the occasion and becomes Grace's protector. Only by the power of faith can Damien and Grace join forces to destroy the Devil and all of his minions. In the fifteenth book of the series, Hellfire, Damien will actually kill the devil with a real weapon and everything. It will be awesome. Also, somewhere in the middle she'll be in love with Damien and also an angel and she'll have to pick between them.

Target Audiences: This book is for anyone and everyone who has a teenager whom they're afraid might go to hell. This book just might save their souls, and it depicts how Satan will actually be defeated - by the hand of one of his own demons.
There's way more where this came from - I just spilled this synopsis out in about four minutes. Just imagine how amazing this book will be when I put an extra thirty minutes into volume one! In case the book seems a bit short, we should print it in 28 point font, and include frequent chapter breaks.

What do you think, guys? I'm sure Zondervan will scoop this up in a heartbeat! After all, there is supposed to be a Christian counterpart to everything that secular publishers and studios produce.

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  1. there, you have the bones of the book, now flesh it out....You just might have an idea here......It definately has the smell of the type of book that Twillight series has.


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