Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Quintessential Undecided Voter

Elections can be emotional. For me, this election is more confusing, really, than anything else. Since voting for George W. Bush both times around, I have gone through a lot of different phases. For awhile, I was die-hard Republican Adam with righteous neo-con tendencies. From there, I rebelled and became pacifist Adam, and defended the exclusive use of non-violence from a philosophical and ethical perspective for several years. Now, here I am: Neo-Libertarian Adam. I abhor the use of violence in international situations, I want the government to leave me alone, and I just want the U.S. to have an army to keep Iceland from coming in and taking away all of our popsicles.

So I've been through a lot of positional changes. When this election came around, the question arose as to who I should vote?

What about war? When it comes to international violence, everyone seems to make it sound like Obama wants to end wars. But he's perfectly willing to engage in war, just like the Republicans are. Democrats are only opposed to war, so long as Republicans are the ones who start them. McCain seems a good choice from a pragmatic perspective, since it sounds like he'll tow Bush's international policies for a few more years. But even then, is an internationally interventionist policy really going to help spread freedom by example, rather than coersion? Hardly. It will engender bitterness and harden the enemies of the U.S. even further.

What about health care reform? I'd like the government to stop tinkering and just let everyone take care of their own medical expenses (I'm paying for my son's birth from my own pocket [$8000]), but both candidates want to bring health care to everyone. So I have no horse in this race.

What about Social Security? I can see that in 30 or 40 years (perhaps sooner), it will literally be un-sustainable unless everyone kills the whole army of baby-boomers about to start drawing retirement checks. Both candidates are in denial and won't touch this hot-button issue, and because of this, as a working young person, I will be the one who suffers when the time comes that this whole system collapses.

What about taxes? Currently, my boss gives half the money he makes back to the government, and I'm having a hard time getting him to give me a raise, since he thinks Obama's going to raise his taxes even more. John McCain doesn't seem willing to raise taxes, but he's not willing to cut spending in any major ways. So both candidates are big spenders. McCain wants to increase federal spending by $150 billion, and Obama wants to increase spending by $200 billion, so I'm screwed on this one, too.

So I really AM an undecided voter. I have three options:

1. Vote as an idealist for Bob Barr and the Libertarians (this is my current plan, but it is tentative, once I get IN the actual voting booth).
2. Vote for John McCain because (a) He stands a realistic chance of winning, and every little vote helps, (b) I'd hate for Obama to win, since he is the BIGGEST of the big government candidates, and (c) I'd hate to see riots and "blood running in the streets" as democrats keep threatening if McCain wins the electoral but not the popular vote.
3. Vote Obama (a) to punish Republicans for their big government policies and their near doubling of U.S. federal spending since Bush took office, or (b) to cure my "white guilt" (I'm told I have plenty to feel guilty for).

I'm also tempted to vote for McCain just because I absolutely without a doubt know for a fact that the news media is pulling for Obama, and it makes me sad that there is no objective news media anymore. It is sad to think that for the last month every major news outlet has been declaring Obama the winner, and not even one vote has been counted. So either way, I won't vote for Obama out of spite against the media elite who think they can have the nerve to tell me who I should vote for. They're about to make me decide NOT to throw my vote away on Bob Barr, so they'd better watch it; I'm not as stupid as I look (debatable), and there HAVE to be other people out there who think the same way as me on this one.

A Word About Once The Election Is Over:

No matter who wins this election, it will be a disaster. I've already come to terms with this fact. A McCain win will be a sorrowful day full of defeat, and the same is true for an Obama win. As I said before, I literally have no horse in this race. Once the election is over, the new President elect will line up his cabinet, and we'll be in for another couple years of government bloating and new programs before ANOTHER annoying election cycle.

When Jesus spoke to Pilate, he explained that he is a King. However, he made clear that His kingdom is not of this world. Too many Christians THINK that they're building the kingdom here and now. They believe that this planet and habitable land in which we dwell must resemble heaven as closely as possible. Few things could be further from the truth. As Christians, we live in both kingdoms - as our own Master Stellman is has made abundantly clear. Besides - from a spiritual perspective, what is a greater impediment to spiritual activity than material gain? Perhaps a spell of failures would reinvigorate our sleepy and dead churches, motivating us to once again invest in the long-lasting realm of evangelism.

Whatever happens - whether McCain takes us to war with the entire world, or whether Obama turns our country into a communist police state where it's cool to be gay but not to evangelize - I, as a Christian, will persevere in my faith. I will follow God, fight to make disciples, and worship God, no matter what the situation (even if it someday became ILLEGAL, I would still worship Him!).

My faith transcends the corrupt political world in which we live, and Jesus is the King of the Earth; not our political leaders. That won't change, even when America does abandon its libertarian roots once and for all. I hope the rest of you will join me in acknowledging that Caesar is not Lord, and he cannot save us.


  1. I read this post post-election and I will probably read the last few paragraphs again as needed for encouragement!
    Yes, our faith transcends a corrupt political world.


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